Design & Development of the Movn Superapp.

Oystr Agency partnered with Movn to design and develop a cutting-edge superapp aimed at revolutionizing the sports and fitness industry through the integration of Web3 technologies. The project focused on creating a seamless user experience that combines fitness tracking, social engagement, and blockchain rewards.


The Movn superapp concept revolves around leveraging Web3 to enhance user engagement and motivation in sports activities. The app features a comprehensive catalog, including official external apps like FFT Pickleball, FFT Beach Tennis, and NTC 2024. The integration of the MOV token, which operates on the Polygon blockchain, enables a move-to-earn model, rewarding users for their physical activities.


The primary objective was to develop an intuitive and engaging superapp that encourages users to stay active while offering them tangible rewards through MOV tokens. The app needed to provide a robust platform for sports enthusiasts and businesses to connect, interact, and grow within a decentralized ecosystem.


The project presented several challenges, including integrating complex blockchain technology with user-friendly interfaces, ensuring seamless performance across multiple devices, and maintaining high security standards for wallet and token transactions. Additionally, creating a scalable architecture to support a growing user base and diverse app integrations was critical.


For the Movn superapp, Oystr Agency employed a high-performance and security-focused approach. We utilized modern frameworks to develop a scalable and responsive architecture, integrating RESTful APIs for smooth communication between modules. The integration of the Polygon blockchain enabled secure and efficient transactions of MOV tokens. Key features include a move-to-earn model, a digital wallet for managing MOV tokens, and a sports app store. The admin dashboard provides advanced management tools to oversee app functionalities and user interactions.


The Movn superapp launch resulted in a significant increase in user engagement and activity. The move-to-earn model incentivized users to stay active, contributing to higher retention rates. The seamless integration of the MOV token and the intuitive wallet system received positive feedback for enhancing the user experience. The app catalog, featuring official FFT apps, expanded the superapp's appeal and usability. Overall, the Movn superapp successfully established itself as a leader in the sports and fitness sector, combining innovative Web3 technology with practical fitness solutions.

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